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as found in the indicia (generally at the bottom of the first page); however, "The" is deleted from the beginning of titles so that "The Batman" would be listed as just "Batman."


also as found in the indicia.

Issue Number

volumes are only listed when they differentiate various runs. In the past comics would change volume numbers each year without interruption in the issue numbering. More recently, new volumes often begin their numbering with a new #1.


as in the indicia; however, when no month could be found, the date is listed the same as other comics sold in the same month. When no month could be determined, I have arbitrarily and temporarily listed these books as "January."


the author. Where plotting was done by different author than the scripting, the plotter precedes the scripter in parenthesis, e.g. (Plotter) Scripter. Assistants are listed after the writer in parenthesis, e.g. Writer (Assists).


similarly, where art was done in rough layouts by one artist and penciled by another, the layout artist precedes the penciler in parenthesis, e.g. (Layouts) Pencils. Assistants are listed after the penciler in parenthesis, e.g. Penciler (Assists)


assistant inkers follow the primary inker in parenthesis.

Miscellaneous Terms


a brief appearance, often confined to a few panels or the background.


reprinted or redrawn scenes from a previous issue.


just that; the character does not appear.


introduction or first appearance. May be listed as a "cameo intro" or a "full intro."


may be one of many for this character (try a search for "Captain Britain death" in the character field).


"Public Service Announcement." Usually short one page stories, often containing comic book characters, art and script by frequent comic book contributors.


illustration; a piece of art less than one page, usually accompanying a text story.


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